Your work does not have to end with SSDI

Posted by Angelique CooperJun 21, 20190 Comments

Social security disability benefits allow Alabama workers to receive Social Security retirement benefits early due to a disability. To qualify for these benefits, you have to prove that you cannot engage in an activity that supplies a substantial income. In addition, your condition has to limit your abilities for at least six months before you are eligible.

Disability benefits require your condition to limit walking, lifting, remembering or any other basic activity. The US News suggests that there are ways to qualify for Social Security benefits, however, even if you still work. Now, keep in mind that this is only in a limited capacity. If you are disabled, you most likely can receive benefits.

According to the Social Security Administration, there are situations that alter your eligibility. These circumstances include the following your health improving so that you can return to work and you working at a substantial level. A substantial level is, on average, earning at least 1,220 dollars per month. If you are blind, that number increases to 2,040 dollars. The SSA will analyze your case regularly.

If a doctor expects you to recover, you will have a case review every six to 18 months. On the other hand, if doctors believe it is possible for you to recover, then you will not have a review for under three years. In cases where there is no expectation for recovery, your review will occur after seven years.

The majority of people would rather work as opposed to collecting SSDI benefits. The SSA does have rules in place to allow you to keep your benefits if you want to test your work ability.