What is a disability according to the SSA?

Posted by Angelique CooperJun 03, 20190 Comments

If you want to get benefits from the Social Security Administration, then you must first understand what constitutes a disability. Not every injury or health issue will allow you to qualify for these benefits. The SSA has strict guidelines that explain what a disability is and whether it qualifies. Just because your Alabama doctor says you have a disability does not mean it will meet SSA qualifications. The only way to be sure is to know what the qualifications are.

According to the SSA, a disability under its system is an injury or medical condition that prevents you from doing the work you used to do. It also must mean that you cannot make adjustments so you can do other work and that your condition has been ongoing for the last year or will last more than a year.

To determine if you are disabled under the system and therefore eligible for benefits, the SSA will look at a few factors. Your condition must be severe enough that you have strict physical limitations for at least 12 months. You cannot currently work and earn over a set amount that changes each year. Finally, your condition must be in the list of disabling conditions or the SSA must asses if you can do any of the work you did prior to your condition or if you can do any other type of alternative work.

The process is very thorough. You have to provide details and documentation to the SSA. There are not exceptions to the strict rules. If you do not qualify, then you do not get benefits. This information is for education and is not legal advice.