What causes the most car crash deaths in Alabama?

Posted by Angelique CooperJan 31, 20190 Comments

As you undoubtedly know, car accidents occur for a variety of reasons, leading to personal injury and death for innocent victims. In the aftermath of these crashes, victims face many hardships from pain and recovery time to extreme financial loss. In an effort to reduce car accidents, each state in the nation works to uncover the main reasons why collisions occur. This information is vital in creating awareness campaigns to increase road safety.

Most current awareness campaigns focus on accident causes such as drunken or distracted driving. While these are certainly attention-worthy, it might surprise you to know that speeding is actually the top cause of vehicle accident deaths in Alabama. By looking at this bit of data logically, you can safely assume that speeding also leads to accidents in which victims suffer severe personal injury. To clarify how serious speeding is, take a look at the following 2017 Alabama crash facts.

  • Speeding accounted for 16.10 percent (138) deaths
  • Drunken driving accounted for 10.50 percent (90) deaths
  • Running a vehicle off the road accounted for 9.45 percent (81) deaths
  • Failure to yield the right-of-way accounted for 6.53 (56) deaths
  • Incorrect lane changing and/or lane usage accounted for 5.25 percent (45) deaths

Again, while this data centers on fatalities, it is easy to see how the accident causes discussed here also play a role in crash-related personal injuries. Further, each of the reasons above involves negligence on the part of a driver. This means that victims injured in negligent crashes can seek compensation for any personal injury suffered in the collision.

If you need to learn more about how to pursue compensation, it is a good idea to take your story to a personal injury lawyer. This can help you decide if a legal remedy is something you want to pursue.