What are work credits?

Posted by Angelique CooperJul 19, 20190 Comments

To get Social Security benefits, you need to accumulate work credits in Alabama. For Social Security Disability benefits there is a strict requirement for the number of credits you have to have to qualify to receive benefits. According to the Social Security Administration, work credits add up on a yearly basis. You can earn four credits per year, and you earn a credit after earning a specific amount of money. The amount of money you have to earn changes each year. An example of how much you need to earn is $1,360 for 2019. Obviously, the more you make, the faster you earn your credits for the year.

If you want to collect benefits, the SSA will look at the number of work credits you have over the past years. How many years depends on how old you are at the time you make your claim. In addition, the number of credits you need is based on your age. You also need to have earned a certain number of credits within recent years. The formula is completely based on your age.

It is possible to become disqualified for benefits if you stop working completely once you receive the benefits. This is because you are no longer earning work credits, so you cannot maintain your qualifications for meeting the credit requirements.

Before filing for disability benefits, it is important that you make sure you meet the work credit requirements. Even if you meet all other requirements to get benefits, if you do not have the proper number of work credits, the SSA will not approve your application. This information is for education and is not legal advice.