Applying for and obtaining disability benefits can be a lengthy and complex process, even with a valid claim. For years, Angela Cooper of A. Cooper Attorney at Law LLC has been helping people in the Mobile region of Alabama effectively navigate the application process and fight for rightful benefits from the Social Security Administration. If you cannot work due to a medical condition or physical injury, we can help.

Our lawyer understands the challenges associated with pursuing a claim for Social Security Disability benefits. From the initial application to any other steps necessary to secure the financial support you need, she is committed to your long-term success and well-being. With our experienced team by your side, you can more effectively navigate this process and avoid unnecessary complications.

How Can You Know If You Qualify?

The Social Security Administration holds a very strict definition of disability. Simply because you are injured or ill does not mean you qualify. When evaluating claims for disability benefits, the SSA looks for evidence and documentation of the following:

• Qualifying medical condition, mental impairment or physical injury • Length of your work history and tax contributions to Social Security • How long your disability will likely last, for at least one year or the rest of your life

Extensive medical documentation, validating evidence and paperwork is necessary to prove you have a disability and secure benefits. Unfortunately, the SSA rejects the majority of initial applications. We can help you at any stage in your efforts, including after a denial. Through an appeal and the reconsideration process, our lawyer will continue to fight for your interests and the benefits you deserve.

Before You Apply, Turn To Our Experienced Team

We have the experience and knowledge of the Social Security Disability process to help you, start to finish. Contact our office today to learn more and speak with our attorney. Call 251-300-2220 or email for more information about a free initial case evaluation.