How can I make my home safe on Halloween?

Posted by Angelique CooperOct 18, 20190 Comments

Halloween is a fun night for kids and adults alike. Handing out candy to neighborhood children can be a real treat, provided you take the proper steps to ensure their safety. Consumer Affairs offers some advice on how you can make sure your property is ready for the hordes of trick-or-treaters.

Make sure the area is well-lit

Does the exterior of your home have proper illumination? If not, trick-or-treaters could be at risk of injuring themselves in the dark. To prevent an accident, make sure your porch light is turned on throughout the night. This will also signal that your home is giving away candy. If the porch light is not bright enough, consider installing some inexpensive battery-powered lights throughout your yard to lead the way.

Clear a path for kids

Even with proper lighting, clutter in your yard could cause kids to trip and fall on the way to your home. Keep in mind that most kids will be so taken with the candy they're about to receive that they might miss things like toys or tree stumps in their path. If there are any issues with your property, such as loose walkway stones or cracked concrete, try to fix them before Halloween. You can also block off any problem areas to prevent kids from straying.

Make safe candy choices

Some children coming to your home may have food allergies, so make sure you have alternatives on hand to accommodate them. Even if a candy doesn't contain nuts or other allergens, it may still contain traces of these substances. In this case, it's best to buy treats that are labeled as allergen free. Along with buying allergen free candy selections, you can also pick up some small toys and stickers for kids to keep them safe.