Anonymous Recommends Angelique Cooper

I was referred by another happy client that Ms. Cooper had helped. It was easy to get an appointment and she explained the whole bankruptcy process well. When we went to court to file (back in 2010) she was the most organized lawyer there. The other ones were fumbling with all kinds of folders and she had everything in order for her clients on her ipad. Well into our bankruptcy, the car that I had involved in the bankruptcy was totaled in a storm and she immediately filed the motion where we could substitute another title so I would not be without a vehicle. At the end, when the trustee was still subtracting payments from our checking account she went to court and got an immediate refund of all over payments. (We received the refund the same day she went to court). We were well represented throughout the whole process and she was always compassionate and sympathetic. Any time we called with questions we always got a call back.

– Anonymous